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Military Dates of Observance


January 1st  

New Year’s Day


February 4th   

USO Birthday

Third Monday

Presidents Day

February 19th  

Coast Guard Reserves 76th  Birthday


March 3rd  

Navy Reserves 103rd Birthday

March 4th  

Hug a GI Day

March 5th   

Navy Seabee 76th Birthday

March 13th  

K-9 Veterans Day

March 15th

American Legions Birthday

March 25th  

Medal of Honor Day

March 29th  

Vietnam Veterans Day


Month of the Military Child

April 4th  

Gold Star Spouse Day

April 14t h

Air Force Reserve 70th Birthday

April 19th  

Boot’N & Shoot’n

April 23rd  

Army Reserve 110th Birthday


National Military Appreciation Month

May 1st  

Silver Star Service Banner Day/ Loyalty Day

May 8th  

VE Day

May 11th  

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

May 12th -May 20th

Armed Forces Week

May 19th  

Armed Forces Day

May 22nd  

Maritime Day

May 28th  

Memorial Day


June 6th  


June 14th  

Army 243rd Birthday / Flag Day

June 23rd

Coast Guard Auxiliary Birthday

June 27th  

PTSD Awareness Day


July 4th   

Independence Day

July 29th  

Anniversary of the Army Chaplain Cops


Anti-terrorism Awareness Month

August 1st  

Air Force 71st Birthday

August 4th

228th Coast Guard Day

August 7th  

Purple Heart Day

August 16th  

National Airborne Day

August 29th  

Marine Corps Reserves 102nd Birthday


September 2nd  

V-J Day

September 11th

Patriot Day

September 17th  

Air Force 71st Birthday

September 21st  

National POW/ MIA Recognition Day

September 30th  

Gold Star Mother’s Day


October 13th   

U.S. Navy 243rd Birthday

October 26th

Day of the Deployed


National Military Family Month

November 10th  

Marine Corps 243rd Birthday

November 11th  

Veteran’s Day


December 1st  

Civil Air Patrol Bithday

December 7th

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

December 13th  

U.S. National Guard 382nd Birthday

December 15th  

National Wreaths Across America